Gold Goes Modern
With OROs

Revolutionary Private Money

Putting You in Control of Your Finances.

Gold OROs

Where Money and Currency Are One

Minted from 24k pure gold, OROs offer a practical alternative to traditional cash AND provide an easy way for everyone to affordably invest in gold, due to the innovative lower value denominations.

Through a unique combination using the power of gold with blockchain anti-counterfeit security, OROs pave the way for true freedom, by moving the power out from the central banks and directly into the hands of the people.

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Convenient and Versatile in Nature

In the wake of governments working to devalue and eliminate traditional cash and then usher in a digital currency, OROs allow consumers to ensure they still have physical currency on hand to protect their savings and spend day to day…

24k pure gold coins are cleverly placed into metal ‘credit card’ shaped cards, that smoothly fit into a wallet or phone case. They come in a variety of low denominations, thus making for a great cash alternative – whether you are buying a coffee or a car.

Travelers and investors will also appreciate OROs straight forward and no-nonsense approach that allows them to seamlessly conduct transactions abroad or discreetly store their investment

OROs offer many advantages such as…

  • Ensure consumers will not be solely reliant on any new digital government currency
  • Linked to the blockchain for authentication and easy gold spot price checking purchases
  • A universal value that makes traveling and investing abroad convenient
  • The ability to be easily stored for long (or short) term investing
  • Current and ever-increasing awareness amongst many retailers around the world
  • A wonderful and rewarding gift for friends and loved ones that won’t depreciate in value

Stability & Security for Tomorrow’s Troubled Financial Sector

As secure as they are beautiful, OROs are built tough and uniquely engineered to provide the utmost peace of mind.

Minted into strong but lightweight metal cards and linked to the Nexus blockckain for anti-counterfeit purposes, gold OROs are authenticated and guaranteed to not only last, but also retain their inherent value despite the chaotic political climate, government overreach, ever increasing inflation rates, national debt, and more.

With OROs, you’ll never find yourself upside down on an investment or needing to make difficult decisions as the markets move against you. Simply sit back and relax as your gold money waits patiently to be spent tomorrow, next year, or decades from now.

The beauty of OROs is that they…

  • Use the blockchain for anti-counterfeit authentication.
  • Are uniquely created in a hardwearing but easy-carry card style.
  • Use lower, more practicable denominations of pure gold.
  • Are immune to bank bail ins, bank runs, fluctuating markets, hyperinflation, exchange rates, etc.

Affordable Access to History’s Favourite Investment

Unlike investing in the rigged stock market or hot and cold real estate, investing in OROs allows for one to ensure their finances are immune to unpredictable economic conditions that can leave investors in other sectors upside down overnight.

The beauty of the inherent value of an ORO is that it is engineered to withstand the test of time – it’s no wonder the world operated and flourished using gold as currency for centuries! Additionally, OROs have essentially eliminated the barrier to entry when it comes to investing in gold; Now anyone can reasonably afford to own gold currency!

OROs reintroduces the prosperity of a tried and true currency to offer a forward thinking solution to problems sure-to-be faced by investors in the near future. With the weight of the world shifting, it’s never been more pressing for investors to abandon vulnerable and archaic investments for something modern, innovative, and rooted in integrity.

OROs are a savvy choice because they..

  • Provide an easy and accessible way for everyone to affordably invest in gold
  • Can be spent on both big and small ticket items or services, unlike traditional gold coins
  • Are an ideal investment opportunity that won’t lose its value for ALL individuals
  • Do not require any special knowledge, prior understanding, or experience
  • Can be passed down to future generations and gifted with ease

Don’t Miss Out!

Eliminate Uncertainty and Invest in Transparency

With so much uncertainty ahead, there’s never been a more strategic and appropriate time to invest in gold…

From imminent economic downturns, geo-political and economic turmoil, currency devaluations, and impossibly rigged markets… the future of finance as we know it is murky at best.

With OROs, anyone can create a personal savings safety net that will retain (if not grow) its value over time as world currencies continue to fluctuate. And with murmurings of a new social and digital currency being rolled out, the stable future of gold is looking brighter than ever!

OROs - The Future of Money